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Thank you for visiting!

Thank you for your interest in Victory Baptist Church!

Here at Victory Baptist Church, we are committed to serving God and the needs of you and your family. Using Bible principles, we offer practical tools for living a victorious and fulfilling life.

Wherever you may be in life, you will always find a supportive church family with a wealth of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth at Victory Baptist Church.

We aspire to strengthen each person through singing the "Old-Time" hymns, convicting preaching from the KJV, interactive Sunday Schools, prayer fellowships, activities for youth, teens and adults, and many ministries promoting individual and collective Christian service.

We invite you to join us for any and all of our multiple services during the week.

We are also very zealous about having a church family and each person growing in the church family as well. For example, each service we have the opportunity to sing congregational hymns as well as enjoy our designated hand shaking time to greet and welcome each one who has joined us for our services.

We are serious about getting the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and everyone we can. For example, we have our annual Gospel Balloon Release, and each of the last eight years we have had people saved from distances as far as thirteen hours away. Praise the Lord for His glory and grace.​

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